2D & 3D Drawings

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Generating a 2D drawing relevant to the survey plan and Generating 3D interior and exterior model of the structure.

A digital building model is defined as the electronic information of a whole building which is assembled by components with attributes. 2D- and 3D-oriented drawing methods are compared, based on items such as the required preparation before drafting, consistency of plans, elevations and sections, ease of modification, drafting efficiency, number of persons involved, and analysis potential. The 3D model constructed so far comprises of solid walls with no windows and doors. For a complete building creation, these structural elements are important. Our system handles window and door creation by slicing the 3D extruded model horizontally at various levels and creating placeholders for windows and door. Various building levels need to be aligned so that they can then be stacked up to create the basic building structure and lastly operations such as slicing and bridging need to be performed to place separately created windows and doors.

Efficient and accurate creation of 3D building models is there-fore very important for a large scale model creation process. We assume that geometric elements in a 3D building model are composed of extruded elements. Extrusion is a process of creating a cylindrical or planar element from its 2D footprint (a circle or a line segment) by extending it in the third dimension. For creation of a3D model from stacked 2D floor plans, two types of geometries are required: horizontal floors and vertical walls. We utilize region fill and extrusion for creation of these. Good architecture design should make it clear what the final project will look like when built. It should be skilfully rendered, which may involve using 3D architecture design to enhance the rendering. Good architecture design will also meet all the desired building goals of the client. so we capable to provide our best service to our clients.

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