Building Demolition

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Demolition of any kind of structure using Manpower or Machinery.

The existence of the structure after the service life period is very dangerous to its occupants and surrounding buildings. Therefore it becomes essential to demolish the building. Demolition is the tearing-down of buildings which involves taking a building apart while preserving the valuable elements for re-use. Selective demolition is gaining popularity because it allows builders to reuse or recycle the building's materials. Selective interior and exterior demolition of wood, brick, metals, and concrete allow for recycling and future use in new structures, blending the old with the new. The placement of the explosive charges and the sequence of detonation are critical to a successful and safe demolition.

Demolition is the reverse process of construction, as the process of construction is carried out basically from constructing the substructure first and then the superstructure but in case of demolition the superstructure is demolished first and then the substructure. We capable of various strategies of demolition waste have been reported in literature for implementing good practices for demolition of buildings. For a successful demolition, blaster crews analyse a complete set of structural blueprints to identify the main components of the building and determine whether other areas need to be blasted in addition to those identified on the blueprints. They then determine the type of explosives to use, where to position them in the building, and how to time their detonation. So we responsible for the provider of best service towards you.

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